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All about the Newspaper!

The Sherman Hub News is a volunteer-run newspaper that takes an ‘asset-based’ look at local issues, providing residents with information and stories that affect and reflect the community. For more information about the Community Planning Team, join the email list at the Hub’s website: or the Hub Facebook Group.


The Hub News has door-to-door circulation of 10,000 homes and businesses from the Escarpment to CN tracks North of Barton, between Wentworth and Gage. The newspaper’s inaugural issue was published in September 2011.The mission of the Hub News is to connect with neighbours and help them to become engaged in the effort of making our neighbourhood a great place to live, work, play, learn and raise a family.


The Hub News is produced by a dedicated team of volunteers who care about our community. Some of us came with skills, some of us are learning, some of us are teaching. If you would like to get involved in helping us to make this paper great, please contact u


The homes and personal computers of the folloing people:

Editor in Chief: Mel Walther

Chief Philosophy Officer: Greg Reader

Managing Editor: Lesley Cooke

Copy Editors: Lesley Cooke, Patty Clydesdale, and Terry Mote

Advertising Manager: Steve Devisser

Design: Laurence Smink

Distribution Manager: Lesley Cooke

Events Editor: Terry Mote

Website Editor: Vacant (help wanted)


We welcome new contributors and new production team members – there is a lot to do at the Hub News!