Ward 3 Councillor Candidate Responses to SHN Questions

Ward 3 Councillor Candidate

Ned Kuruc

My decision to run for council this term was driven by my desire to bring leadership and action for Ward 3 to city council. Closely watching the previous Ward 3 councillor, I noticed that there was a lot of talk and little real action. Ward 3's roads are falling apart, residents are being left unheard and the community is becoming less safe. My decision to run is driven by my desire to take action, to give Ward 3 residents the action at City Hall they deserve!

1. The park space- Ward 3 is full of parks and beautiful green spaces to enjoy, that are often overlooked.
2. Our amazing local businesses - Ward 3 is full local businesses that offer a high level of service and product, second to none in our city.
3. Restaurants - There are so many hidden gems in Ward 3. You can enjoy any kind of delicious food you want within our ward.

Roads, Sidewalks and Sewers- The previous councillor gave very little attention to maintaining our roads and sidewalks. Everyday canvassing, I come across roads that needed repair years ago.

Specifically, what are your priorities for infrastructure and facilities investment? What would you propose to ensure these are addressed?

1. Affordable Housing- Everyone deserves a quality place to live and be involved in their community. As well, we need to ensure that landlords are held accountable in maintaining clean and safe living conditions for their tenants.
2. Community Safety- Action needs to be taken to make our community safer. We need to work with the Hamilton police and community organizations to ensure our community is a safe place to live.
3. Infrastructure- Our roads, sidewalks and sewers have been ignored for too long. It is a priority for me to ensure our roads and sidewalks are repaired and maintained. As well, our sewer infrastructure needs to be further inspected and maintained to avoid future severe issues.

I'm here to fight for the best interests of Ward 3 and to ensure that our voice is heard at City Hall. In addition, I will work hard to ensure that we can find a common ground with the interests of the city, as many of the issues are similarly rooted.

How will you approach the challenge of navigating (actual or perceived) tensions between the interests of Ward 3 and the City as a whole?

I have an open book policy. If you ever have concern or question, please call me anytime (365) 336- NED3. I will be an active member in as many community groups as I can, while always lending a hand to groups when I cannot attend.

How will you communicate, stay in touch, and be responsive to the people in Ward 3? What sorts of relationships do you expect to have with community groups?

Every Ward 3 resident will have a voice when I am councillor. I will ensure that every resident is given their platform to stand on to have their thoughts and concerns heard. I will fight to ensure equality is achieved and maintained in our ward.

How will you engage with and address issues such as classism, racism, oppression and privilege?

1. Affordable Housing- It is my priority to fight to ensure that everyone in our community has a quality place to live and that landlords are held accountable for their buildings and tenant relations. I would fight to have a greater presence of tenant associations at City Hall, so that their voices could be heard
2. Safer Communities- We need to work with the Hamilton Police and community organizations to find actionable solutions to reduce violent crime in our community. We need to take serious and immediate action on this issue.

Specifically, what are your priorities for social and economic programmes? How will you ensure that these priority areas addressed?

My super power would be to be in more than one place at once, so I could get everything done that I would like to in a day. I think that I would go with Big Ned, given my size and personality.

Bonus* if you were to find yourself stuck in a mutagenic yet fortuitous puddle of phosphorescent ooze and would emerge with a superpower of your choosing, what would it be? and what would you call yourself?

Everyone is fighting for their wards, so it's natural there will be some adversarial nature to municipal politics. I make a living by fighting for what I believe in, having an open mind, while finding common ground with everyone involved to find a solution that works for everyone.

What are your thoughts on the sometimes adversarial nature of municipal politics and its effect on council function? How will you negotiate that environment?

I'm an entrepreneur. I have managed small local businesses throughout Hamilton, as well as managing a large sports entertainment business, throughout Europe and Asia. I know how to get the job done, even when the odds are stacked against you.

What knowledge, skills, perspectives, or experiences would you bring to the role of councillor?

My fresh ideas for Ward 3 and the city are to keep it simple and take action. For far too long day-to-day issues, that impact all residents, have been overlooked. Whether it's the roads in horrible condition or Ward 3 residents voices being unheard, it's frustrating. My 'fresh' idea will be to take the simplest approach to getting the job done and taking action about the issues that impact us the most, something that has been overlooked in recent years.

How will you be innovative? What are your new or fresh ideas for the city?

Why did you decide to run for council this term?

What are your favourite Ward 3 Assets?

What are your primary areas of policy interest, and why are these important to you?

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