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Our delivery volunteers bring the paper to the doors and mailboxes of approximately 10,000 residences and businesses in the Sherman area neighbourhoods. 

Lesley Cooke coordinates the heroic team of distribution volunteers. If you would like to deliver the newspaper to your street or a section of your neighbourhood, please contact Lesley to find out how you can get involved. 

Sherman Delivery Area

“You will notice that as you become known as the SHN delivery person, you will be welcomed with a smile and a conversation. We are sharing the following guidelines with you so that the SHN is delivered to all in a consistent manner. I truly believe that delivering the SHN is a fantastic opportunity!”

~ Steve De Visser (SHN Advertising Manager)

Tips and Reminders for Distribution Volunteers


Who receives the SHN?

Every home, apartment building (if main door is open), business (ie. restaurant, laundromat, etc.), church, school… Everyone!

Paper placement:

Every paper goes into a mailbox. If no mailbox, place paper between doors, roll into door handle, or drop inside a door. Papers thrown onto porches get wet, or blow onto neighbouring yards and streets. We are not a flyer, a solicitor or junk mail. If we see a note that says “No (News)Papers” we respectfully skip that place.

Apartment building foyers: The number of papers we drop in a foyer (if front door is open) is ½ the number of apartments. Papers are left in foyer, not delivered door to door.

Businesses: We automatically give them 10 copies. Any business can receive more papers for their customers and staff. If they want more, give them what they ask for and notify your Distribution Coordinator afterwards.

Delivery timeline : Please make every effort to deliver your section within a few days of publication.

You are responsible for complete delivery of your own section. You can invite anyone in your neighbourhood to help. If you decide to involve others, you are their contact person, please make sure they deliver according to the guidelines.

Questions or Concerns?
Please email the Distribution Coordinator at