Stipley - Blakely - Gibson - St. Clair


The newspaper team is trying to help the hub heritage team by providing some web space for their Sherman Memories Project.

Check out the information below and share your memories with the community.

Some of the most interesting parts of a neighbourhood's history and heritage never get recorded.


From the most memorable block parties, to the best barber shop, coffee shop, or sandwich joint, or maybe the most exciting baseball game of the summer-- these places and moments make up our shared heritage but don't get written about until the details are already lost to memory. 


So, help us document our heritage now. Tell us your favourite memory about living in the neighbourhoods of the Sherman Hub.


Your story, picture, or sound could be about growing up here, growing old here, or anything in between.

Share your neighbourhood memories with the Sherman Hub Heritage Team.


Submissions we collect will be posted to this page.