Get to Know the Ward 3 Public School Board Trustee Candidates

Livia Jones

Livia Jones put down roots in Ward 3 in 2015. She truly loves Hamilton and the uniqueness of this city and has produced Hamilton's Confidential Theatre Project and been both onstage and working with teens in the classroom with Theatre Ancaster.With a background in the arts, she believes that schools should provide more than the basics. A passionate learner herself, she hopes to encourage decisions that support the whole student, not just what can be shown on tests. Livia was a Theatre major at York University and also holds college diplomas in paralegal work and journalism.She understands how things have changed since most of us were in school and how important it is that lesson plans reflect this, particularly when it involves the safety of our children. Like many people in Hamilton, Livia is in a low income bracket with unstable employment. This gives her a personal understanding of the difficulties encountered by her potential future constituents.

Ward 3 Public School Trustee Candidate

Maria Felix Miller

I was born in Nicaragua and moved to Canada when I was two years old. My parents raised our family in a working-class neighbourhood. I have fond memories of walking myself to my elementary school and participating in my community. I graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto with a Specialist degree in History and a minor in Political Science. I have spent years building relationships here in Ward 3 and just recently led the community engagement to make sure our local EarlyOn child and family centre remained open here in the Sherman Hub.
As a mother of three children I am proud to live in Ward 3 and I want the HWDSB to reflect the diversity of our great neighbourhoods and our schools to reflect the needs of our local families. I want to be a trustee that is visible in the community and that feels like a neighbour to all of my constituents. I want to make sure that the many dollars promised to our Ward 3 schools make it there and that those beautification projects continue and are completed. I want world-class and innovative programs at our schools, across every level of learning. I want board policy to focus on equity and safety for all of its students. Our schools can keep getting better. The families within our communities can trust they have a voice and that I will listen to them. I know that each school community will have its own concerns and unique needs and I am ready to get to know the issues that face our institutions at the local level and across the board. I would love to see a board that reflects the diversity of this great city and one that acknowledges how important WARD 3 and its communities are to Hamilton.
For our elementary schools, we need access to special needs services, scheduling consistency for children in their classrooms with the instructors, and equitable representation. WARD 3 is also about to get a brand new high school, which will need its own special attention. I am dedicated to working with our families in order to set a strong culture at this facility that is engaged, progressive, and is responsive to the many diverse issues facing all of it students. People are nervous about what this type of highschool will mean for our local youth and the time is now to focus on what we can do as a community to make sure that it is a place where our its students flourish and feel encouraged, seen, and supported.

Ward 3 Public School Trustee Candidate

Jocelynn Vieira

I grew up in Hamilton and Niagara and attended university in Ottawa, where I completed a BA in Political Science. I worked in Ottawa on Parliament Hill for 7 years experiencing how public-policy works and how to impact change. I returned to Hamilton in 2007 and began working at McMaster. Outside of work I am Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of St. Peter's Daycare, and a member of the Adelaide Hoodless Home and School Executive. I am a mom of three, my two oldest attend Adelaide Hoodless.Many people I work with have incredible stories about the resources and opportunities their kids receive in Ancaster, Dundas and other areas of Hamilton. It has been both shocking and frustrating that our kids in Ward 3 are not receiving the same experience despite being in the same city. I want to be the Trustee for Ward 3 to address these problems at the Board and use my considerable experience in public-policy and neighbourhood advocacy to make some lasting improvements to our schools, our kids deserve it! I will work hard for all our families and I hope you will consider voting for me.

Ward 3 Public School Trustee Candidate

Chris Parkinson

I am running for Ward 3 HWDSB Trustee to help bring out the very best in our students. As high school students, Catherine Johnston and I graduated from Scott Park. I can't tell you how excited I am to help build the new school into a centre of excellence for academics, trade preparation, sports, and school and community spirit. A strong community needs strong schools. And strong schools need a strong community. I intend to use what we have learned building Erich's Cupboard to bring the community into our schools, and to bring our schools into our community. That pride of belonging is one of the greatest strengths our school can have. Education and knowledge are power. They are tools our children need to succeed, and build Hamilton to become the city of prosperity, inclusion, and health we know it can become. I attended a very diverse Tweedsmuir elementary. Thirty-five years ago, racism was an issue at my school. It still is. I've worked with the Children's International Learning Centre for 4 years now, teaching tens of thousands of children about other cultures, races, and religions. Education, leading to understanding, is the key to defeating racism. Children don't see colour, they see friends they haven't met yet. The environment is also one of my focuses. As an original member of Hamilton Blue Dot, we convinced council to make Hamilton the first city in Ontario to declare our right to a healthy environment. I hope to inspire children to meet the environmental challenges Hamilton faces, and empower them to make the city a green leader. This generation will face environmental concerns like no other. I look forward to debates, and bringing out the best in each candidate. And I hope the candidate that is elected takes the very best of the ideas that come forward, and makes them reality. See you at your doorstep.

Ward 3 Public School Trustee Candidate

Gail Tessier

Born and raised, life-long Hamiltonian, growing up on Hamilton mountain, graduate of Hill Park Secondary School, and graduate of McMaster University - Diploma in Executive Secretarial and Qualified Administrative Assistant (Q.A.A), through the Association of Administrative Assistants. I've enjoyed a 37-year career with Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board as Office Administrator of several schools encompassing inner-city, east Hamilton, and Hamilton mountain communities. And as Executive Assistant supporting Superintendents of Student Achievement my last 15 years, I had the privilege of serving various school communities in a leadership role.Since retiring in 2015, I've enjoyed a bit of the slower pace retirement offers, even hanging up my cleats after coaching slo-pitch for the past 10 years. However, I quickly found myself jumping right back to a faster pace working on fund-raisers for good causes, joining the team at an area golf course, seasonal/part-time as Assistant Pro Shop Manager, and joining the 'Cat Team' this season, working at home games for the Hamilton Tiger Cat Football Club.It is my hope that I can further utilize my background in public education and my energy in a new capacity, representing the Ward 3 area schools.

Ward 3 Public School Trustee Candidate



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